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Test your cognition with Seychelles Alzheimer's Foundation Screening Questionnaire on Dementia




The Seychelles Alzheimer's Foundation was founded in February 2016 by Lise Church, US Consular for Seychelles in the USA. The founding members volunteer their time every month to the Alzheimer’s cause.

Our slogan is “Remembering Together.”

Us, the support structure, meaning partners, family members, care-givers and other medical personnel, have inherited our elderly, just like we will become our children’s inheritance one day. We need to remember who the Alzheimer’s sufferer once was. By educating ourselves and seeking support, we can give back to our loved-ones.


SAF believes that by raising awareness of the disease and educating healthcare professionals and the public at large, we will:

  • Help remove the misconceptions surrounding dementia
  • Lead to early detection and treatment
  • Provide tools for proper care
  • Provide care and support facilities
  • Thereby improving quality of life


Even though we’re a new committee, we have received tremendous support from the public, locally and abroad.

An Alzheimer’s expert visited Seychelles to give educational talks in June 2016. An awareness campaign will be running throughout September 2016. In January 2017 a training team from the USA will visit Seychelles.


We will be running various fundraising efforts and have earmarked a location for a Memory Care Unit for Alzheimer’s patients in Seychelles.


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